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The Festival of Flowers of Luchon, the largest cavalcade in the Pyrenees, has a special flavor, a taste of yesteryear, a desire to perpetuate tradition.
It is part of the great popular festivals of the southwest and brings together 20 000 people on the city over 4 days.

Each year, 400,000 roses of India, queen daisies and other cute are guillotined for the occasion. Originally collected around Luchon in the fields of private individuals, the flowers of the festival are now the prerogative of the municipal workshops which distribute them on Friday to the associations and committees of the festivities of the neighboring municipalities who participate in the parade. The countdown to the decoration began.

In the program :
Election gala evening, bandas festival, parade and shows of foreign troops, coffee boys race, pyrotechnic and laser show, floral corso, concert ...

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