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• Visual Identity: Your brand design is your identity, defining it with you is our business.

• Graphic Design: Give your message a boost! We put together your communication.

• Internet & Multimedia: Export your know-how, we open a window on the world.

• The Imag'in Print & Web Communication Agency assists professionals at every stage of the creation of their communication projects and lets them benefit from its know-how in creating a website, creating a visual identity, creating a brochure , Business brochure, logo creation, performance analysis and improvement (web, print, e-commerce ...), natural site referencing and performance analysis.

• Our agency, located in the heart of the Comminges, moves to meet you from Toulouse to Tarbes through Saint-gaudens, Montrejeau, Bagneres de Bigorre, Bagneres de Luchon, Cierp Gaud, Muret, Carbonne, Cazères, Barbazan, Lannemezan, Martres Tolosane and the Volvestre.

• The first step: Identify your needs and desires through an interview that will last as long as it takes.
Visual identity
What is Visual Identity?
• The visual identity is the graphical representation of the identity of an entity such as an individual, an object, an environment, etc.

• It expresses, through a corporate graphic style, the values, the activity and the ambitions of the company, and is translated into signs, colors, shapes, texts and formatting.

• The visual identity in the field of commerce, in particular, makes it possible to recognize that this is one undertaking rather than another.
Why is this important?
• Your brand design is your identity!

• The visual identity must tell a story, that of your company or your story if you personally represent your company. To give the opportunity to people who meet your company or who meet you through your communication, to get to know you better.

• These visitors, future customers or future "fans" must identify you quickly and easily. It is interesting to allow them to project into your visual identity to make them feel what you or your company want. To do this, every element of your "graphic identity card" is what your business needs to unify and match.

• Whether it is for a product, a service, an advertising operation or simply, a presentation, a meeting with your target, but also with all the people who come into contact with the visual identity of your company.
How to define your visual Identity?
• Everything begins with an interview. It is the most important, and together we will define who you are, what you do, how you do it and how you want to express it.

• We will take the time it takes.
Graphic design
What is Graphic Design ?
• Graphic Design is the use of your visual identity on your communication media.
On what media?
• Your communication materials must be consistent with your business and strategy.

• On printed materials:
Business cards, Flyers, Posters, Postcards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Folders, Folders, Brochures, Stands, Stickers, Storefront, Car cover, ...

• On the Web :
Website, Blog, Social networks, Forum, E-commerce site, Mobile website, E-mailing, Signatures, Advertisements, ...
Internet & Multimedia
What's the point ?
• Today, the Internet is an essential tool for any company or entrepreneur who wants to be seen by anyone, anywhere.

• The value of having a window open to the world is not limited to trading.
Indeed, the web is now presented, through the search engines, as a gigantic directory, whereby users of all ages search for information on all subjects (addresses, schedules, philosophy, editing plan, events, etc.). ).
What is a CMS?
• The acronym CMS stands for Content Management System, a content management system. It is a type of web application that separates content from formatting for websites, and provides simplified means of editing that content. In this way, it is possible to maintain and make live a website without the least technical knowledge in the professions of the Web.

• It is important to understand this separation between background and form. A CMS will never orient the design of your site, and the argument 'I would like a site in Wordpress because the sites in Wordpress are pretty'; Is not at all a good argument.
Which solution to choose?
• For each project, the adapted solutions may be different. For an e-commerce project, for example, stability and security will be essential elements to take into account, while for site showcase design and artistic it will be the flexibility and dynamism that we will privilege.

• If you have any questions or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us, we will study together the ins and outs of your project.
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